Take Your Business Online! How?

Take Your Business Online! How?

If you look at your records, business has a lot of potential, first few months sales are pretty good. It might as well go off the charts, or so you thought. The next year, sales started to take a downward spiral. Competition has gotten good. There’s a new hype in the market. You’re now face to face with every businessman’s nightmare: the risk of losing your business.


You’ve identified your target market, and you are 100% sure there’s enough demand for your product, now you’re starting to wonder what it was that you did wrong.  Your customer service is good. The quality of your product is great.  Hmm…  Then you look out the window, you see people in the street, heads bent, looking at their Smart phones. These are your customers, mindlessly walking pass your beautiful shop, ignoring your eye-catching sign board.


How do you attract your customers when they’re always looking at their phones, laptops and other gadgets? Instead of grudgingly calling them “zombies”, why not jump in on the online revolution yourself and take your business with you!


Why should you take your business online?


  1. 81% of customers research online before buying- most startups fail due to poor marketing or having a minimum online presence. Having an online presence is almost the same as legitimizing your business.
  2. Better customer relationship- ignoring your customers is one surefire way to crush a business. Make your customers feel valued, get in touch with them, accommodate their inquiries and respond as quickly as you can.
  3. Cost-effective – advertising online is more affordable compared to gimmicks or strategies that traditional businesses employ. You can also make updates and changes more quickly when you want to improve your campaign.
  4. 24 hour service- most stores that provide round-the-clock services are from the food and gas industry, but it means more resources and effort on their part. Having an online store ensure that you have 24 hour availability without doubling your expenses!
  5. Global market- “brick and mortar” businesses without marketing only reach customers few kilometers within their radius. Great advertising can make them reach target customers nationwide. Websites give businesses a portal to the global market!


It’s a bit intimidating at first, don’t worry. Here’s how:


1.) Prepare an E-Commerce ready website


It may seem like a daunting task, but it can really be very simple and straight forward thing to do. Just remember your target audience when putting up your website.  Younger generations like cool looking websites, and they don’t mind if you have a lot of stuff going on, as they can easily learn to navigate within any website. Older generations, however like minimalist designs and less complicated layout. Of course, keeping your website user-friendly for all generations is always the way to go!


The purpose of having a website is making yourself known to the world. Therefore, having an online catalogue is a necessity. Make it easy for your customers to browse through your products/ services by using grid or list layout. Include images and descriptions to help your customers decide on what to avail. Once you’ve finished creating your online product/ service catalogue, make sure you don’t forget to create an online banking account and shopping cart software.  Seeing the shopping cart icon is a turn-on for customers.  This makes it easier for them to purchase your products in just a few clicks!


2.) Start an E-marketing campaign


E-marketing is the digital alternative to handing out flyers/ brochures.  Your marketing strategy won’t be complete without e-marketing. Sending out self-promotional e-mail blasts without paying attention to the message and the audience will only annoy people instead of generating leads. Learn how to communicate with your customers, do not pretend like you know them well, and opt for a little sense of familiarity instead.


Your website is the best way to make people subscribe to your newsletter. Insert interactive content, include promotional products/services, freebies and an informational blog. This way, you can ensure that people will love to hear more from you.


3.) Connect with people on social media


Start with loved ones and your friends first. Ask them to help you market your business; share it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Slowly, your network will grow, acquaintances will “follow” your blog or website, and your business will be heard by people you don’t even know. That’s the power of social media. That’s an absolutely affordable way to advertise!


You can install plug-ins into your website to make it easier for customers to “share” your product/ services to their favorite social media. Utilizing these tools ensure that you can interact and communicate with your key audiences.


4.) Drive traffic into your site


Have you ever heard of “content is king”? E-marketers employ this. To be able to drive potential customers into your site, great content is a must. Infographics, images, blogs and videos captivate your audience. Traffic alone will not make a campaign an effective one; you need to generate leads from your traffic. You should also make use of search engine optimization to generate traffic onto your site; this means that you are making it easier for people to search for your business online. Submit your site details to popular search engines, ensure that you have an online map so that your physical shop can be found easily just by searching the internet.


There’s also another way to use other websites for your leverage, it’s called affiliate marketing.  Your affiliates or associates will promote your business for a minimum payment or commission.  It is a great way to automate your traffic/ lead generation because your affiliates are doing the marketing for you.


Taking your business online is an opportunity for growth, you should take it. So, do you want to start now?


It is understandable if you can no longer wait to start taking your business online, because your sales can increase exponentially! You just have to plan ahead and try out a few strategies that work best. We do hope that you now see what’s plain and simple- online business portal is a good investment.


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