6 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Business Today

6 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Business Today

Granted, starting a business is frightening, so frightening that most potential entrepreneurs fail to even work on their idea and instead settle on a job or lifestyle they hate.


But the truth is, the thoughts these “would be” entrepreneurs have are all in the brain and can easily be corrected.


Here are 6 reasons that will convince you to start working on your own business venture today.


1.) You don’t necessarily need a lot of money to start.


Times have changed. Today, you don’t really need to wait for venture capital to start a business. Most businesses that thrive nowadays are small scale business and were started by one or a few individuals. Contemporary methods in starting businesses trend to bootstrapping techniques that allow businesses to operate sooner than later and with very limited resources.


Today, you can launch and run a business practically through the internet. This can potentially cut a lot of capital money needed to launch a traditional brick and mortar business. Plus there are many affordable options to build a website.


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The lack of money is no longer a reason for you not to start your own business. Your money does not guarantee success in this game. It is how you, as a business owner, manage your money to make your business operate longer which really matters today.


2.) You will always have enough time.


If you are not willing to make time for something then it’s probably not a priority for you. The truth is, a real entrepreneur knows that his business is always a priority and the best entrepreneurs always have enough time because they are willing to make sacrifices and compromises to make more time for their business ventures.


If you are working for someone and are thinking about starting your own business, make it a side hustle but give it the attention that it deserves. If you can scale back your hours at your current job so that you earn less but have more time to work on your business, do so, work it out, and prove that you care about your business goals.


3.) You don’t need a very detailed business plan.


Gone are the days of detailed business plans. There are new, revolutionary, and totally hip way of planning your business that don’t require you to sit hours and hours predicting the future. You can start today without a lot of planning.


Sure, planning is important in any serious projects such as starting your own business right? But think about it. When it is your first time to dive into entrepreneurship, you can consume tons and tons of business books, blogs, or courses but won’t really have the essential experience to know every single thing about your future business. So just start will you? Plan the essential parts, focus on the minimum requirements for you to launch and run your business as soon as possible.


4.) The timing is always right.


Business like everything in life will be distracted or disrupted in one way or another. You may have heard of companies that made it big because of good timing. This is a myth. Yes, there is a measure of luck in starting businesses but starting them is a conscious deliberate action and will never be totally coincidental.


The truth is, every single day is a good time to start your business. You can debate on this and say your life situation is in mess right now and it is not probably a good idea to start a business today. But again, that’s all in the mind. You can always launch something and sell it to anyone and get the same results even if your life is messed up or not.


Start a blog or a website and offer your services or existing products. Just get yourself wet and start from there.


5.) Competition is actually good.


If you are just starting out, you will probably worry about the established competitors and those who are starting out like you.


Well, here’s the truth: you probably don’t have to worry too much.


Established competitors are also afraid of startups. Due to an evolving hyper-innovative world economy, big companies need to respond to change and they have to respond fast. However, this is not always easy. Startups, like you, are in a better position to pivot and change according to their environment and that is, of course, good news.


On the other hand, startups like you are feeling the same way – afraid, petrified, worried – so that actually limits the number of startups you will be competing against. But even more important to remember is the fact that many markets actually have enough room for winners and that competitors are actually more open to collaboration than competition.


6.) You have all the skills you need.


You can always start with the skills you have and leverage them. Most businesses that generate income almost immediately after launch are service-based business that offer skills that founders are actually familiar with.


In case you do not possess enough skills to make your small business up and running, you can always partner with someone who complements your skill set or outsource tasks that you can’t do.


There you have it. You should now be pumped up to think about your business goals and trust that all you need to do is start.


Get out there.


Change the world.


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